Trusted by thousands of merchants!

No need for notebooks or calculators - Seelfa will do it all for you!

Remember and remind your customers' debts effortlessly

Easy way to record and remember all the sales you make on credit to your customers

Automatic reminders sent on Whatsapp and SMS for free

Send automatic reminders via SMS or Whatsapp for free to speed up debt repayment

Save time by doing customer accounts quickly

Embedded calculators will allow you to get the outstanding payment by client in less than a second!

Forget the stress of losing your notebook

Your notebook and its information are very valuable. We back up your data both online and locally to guarantee 100% security.

What are Merchants saying about Seelfa?

Check out what our merchants are saying about us.

"Being a busy professional, I used to find it difficult to keep track of outstanding debts, which resulted in quite a loss but with Seelfa Application, things are falling in place and I recover all my debts"

Mohammad - Seelfa User

"I have been looking for such an app for a very long time. This is a superb application and it makes my life super easy to manage all the accounts in my shop. God bless you"

Jomaa - Seelfa User

"Seelfa helps us send payment reminders to our customers without bothering them. Better relationship, more business."

Omar - Seelfa User

"Credit is essential for our business. Seelfa has made it easy for me to give credits which has given a big boost to my business. Great App"

Karim - Seelfa User

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